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NTH DEGREE CREATES NEW FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGESTo commemorate the coming of their new fantastic website, Nth Degree Group has just created new Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.  "Honestly, we were resistant to the whole Social Media thing for ourselves during these first couple of years." said Barry Lippold from his West Palm Beach FL office.  "We were so busy with Social Media projects for our clients, plus doing SEO and Google Adwords, design, branding and administration for our national and local accounts that we just simply didn't have time.  Now that we've opened the new office in West Palm Beach and have added additional higher-level staff in Medellin Colombia, we have the time to commit to marketing the firm via these networks."  Barry adds "I guess it was finally time…Our clients were pressuring us to get it done, and we found made a hole in our schedule to redo our own website, which was really important to me for the continued launch of Social Networking."http://www.nthdegreegroup.net
Nth Degree's Facebook Company page has moved to a new location, https://www.facebook.com/NthDegreeG/

NTH DEGREE GROUP's WEBSITE FINALLY UNDERGOING A REDO!We are busily working on our new responsive website. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our big announcement of our launch!