Don't need a full-time Marketing Manager or Director?
Nth Degree Group is your affordable, monthly contract solution

You know it:  Marketing is critical for your business.
Yet most small to medium-sized organizations don't have (and can’t usually afford) full-time Marketing and Design Departments at their beck-and-call:  A Marketing Director, a Graphic Designer, an in-house Webmaster, a Web Programmer, a SEO/SEM Specialist, a Social Media Guru and more!

We can change that.
Let us affordably help you 
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Help your prospects find you
From creating inviting ads to getting your website toplisted in Google and other search engines, we have the experience & know-how to get it done.
Save money
Many of our marketing and design services are available by contract at $60-70/hour for Non-Profits and $75-90/hour for Business entities, less then half the industry average!
Keep your customers engaged
Once you attract more customers, the next job is to keep them!  We love loyal, great customers & work hard to keep them omnipresent in your business.
Support via our offices in Las Vegas and Medellin, Colombia...
Opening soon in MIAMI!
Our company name is aligned with our mission:  To take your marketing to the nth degree  while always considering your budget and timeframes.  With Sales, Consulting, Management and Accounting in the USA and Design, Programming and Production in Colombia, we can outshine all of our competitors with OUTSTANDING PRICING and VALUE!
Marketing Services (partial list)
Sales Collateral Design
Sales Funnels
Lead Generation
Ad Design
Eblast Design
Eblast Campaign Management
Mailing Piece Design
Events and Tradeshows
Point-of-Sale Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Social Media
Website Design
App Design
Writing Services
Graphic Design
Loyalty Programs
Marketing Plan Management
Annual Reports

Plus:   Full Service Printing, Promotional Products and Mailing Services

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Affordable monthly marketing and/or design plans as low as $750/Month (depending on availability), tailored to fit your budget with as many of your required deliverables as possible from our entire list of services.

$750/Month ~ $80/hour = 9-10 hours of support per month (our most popular plan for small business)   SOLD OUT

$1000/Month ~ $75/hour = 13-14 hours of support per month; Non-profits receive even better hourly rates!

Custom plans available : Inquire

SEO Marketing Plan Options
More about our Marketing Manager concept
With over 20 years of experience in marketing, design and printing, we set out to create a firm that was not just a design firm or marketing company, but an ADMINISTRATIVE firm that could handle not only clients' projects, but clients' entire "Marketing Department" needs. Previously, we were used to going from project-to-project with various clients. In this new vision, we wanted to assist small- to medium-sized businesses with their entire marketing plan, not just certain projects. Our belief in a holistic approach to marketing necessitated our involvement at every level of our clients' marketing and design needs.

Here are some problems we can solve for you with a contracted marketing position:

I don't have enough in my budget to have a part-time or full-time Marketing Manager/Director
This is the number one problem we love to solve. For as little as $750/month, you can get some of your marketing projects done, without adding to your payroll costs, easily and affordably.

I know that I need more marketing to grow my business, but I don't want to add another staff person with all of the taxes,responsibilities and costs that go along with that

This is one of the beautiful things about contracting a Marketing Manager: You pay one low monthly rate and we take care of the taxes and fees!

I don't have enough work month-by-month to hire an in-house Marketing Professional

Problem solved: We have plans for as little as 10 hours per month, or 2.5 hours per week!

Marketing and Design firms are too expensive and I just can't afford their hourly rates
Our rates are nearly half of what you would pay other US-based firms, since we divide the work between our USA staff and our office in Colombia. Our contract rates range from $60-70/hour, depending on how many hours are contracted per month. In fact, many Marketing Managers make $112,000+ per year, which equates to OVER $70 per hour (considering vacation time/pay, benefits and taxes/fees)!

I don't know what things cost when it comes to marketing or design, so I just don't even do them

When you set your monthly budget with us, you'll know exactly how many hours you have at your disposal and what services you can receive for those hours. We can create the marketing plan based on your budget, or you can control the projects individually/monthly. We can typically quote the number of hours required for each project requested in a given month.

I'm too busy to worry about marketing

This is often the case with small- to medium-sized business owners: They get caught up in the day-to-day and don't have time to implement and manage an integrated marketing plan. Let us take that burden off of your shoulders. You need continuous marketing to grow your business. Don't let time be your enemy when we can be on your side.

I want more customers but I'm stuck servicing the ones I have to go out and find more

See our answer above...Same problem, same solution!

My Web Guy is just so unresponsive

Wow, do we ever hear this a lot! You'll have a team behind you, and our response time is second-to-none. We limit our number of customers via our contracts so we always can make time for you.

My Graphic Designer takes forever to get things done
The difference we can offer is a Team approach. Plus, we are responsive and take deadlines very seriously. Our Director is very type A!

Inquire today: or call 702 992 0566
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